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Linyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone


Bonded area of Linyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone covers an area of 2.86km2. It has been successively built with an international trade service center of 64,000m2, afforestation area of 300,000m2, 13 roads of 22.36km, fence screen of 7km, over 300 monitoring devices, standard workshops of 100,000m2, apartments of 76,000m2, standard warehouses of 10,000m2, cold storage and designated supervision site for imported meat of 27,000m2, cold chain logistics, storage and distribution center of 47,000m2, and supporting projects of power distribution, information system, smart security check and sorting system for cross-border e-commerce, laboratory inspection equipment for imported cosmetics.

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Add: Southeast to the Crossing of Yiheyi Road and Mengshansi Road,Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China 

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