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Cold Chain Logistics, Storage and Distribution Center


ssThis project is located on Southeast to the Crossing of Mengshansi Road and Yiheer Road, Linyi Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. The project is planned to be invested in RMB 435.5 million yuan, covering an area of 84,167.00m2 with a total construction area of 93,295.23m2. Three cold chain logistics, storage and distribution centers are planned to be built with auxiliary facilities of boiler room, water pump room, power distribution station, etc. and supporting constructions of site roads, parking lots, greening, water supply and drainage, power supply, lighting and other facilities. The No. 1 building under construction has been completed on November 6, with a designed building area of 47,155.18m2. The project is arranged in a “line” shape according to the requirements of the process flow. The west section is cold storage for raw material, the middle section is for product distribution and processing and the east section is cold storage for finished products.


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Add: Southeast to the Crossing of Yiheyi Road and Mengshansi Road,Comprehensive Free Trade Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China 

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